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  • Highly Optimized embedded applications for resource constraint devices using C/C++
  • Expertise in developing efficient networking applications using sockets
  • Expertise in developing efficient multi threaded asynchronous applications
  • Multiple flavors of Linux for embedded systems such as OpenWRT and ultra tiny custom images for resource constraint devices using Yocto
  • Experts in developing secured applications using OpenSSL where data security/integrity is the highest priority
  • Network Device management using Web based GUI, CLI, SNMP
  • QT based GUI applications
  • Linux distribution – Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, ClearOS
  • Customization of Boot loader, Linux kernel and Root File System
  • Linux device driver development/ customization (PCI, USB, Ethernet, wireless, audio)
  • Yocto based customized Linux systems

we can implement the custom application on Linux/ Android system for your product in the most appropriate language like C, C++, Java or Python

ERL has an experienced hardware team capable of taking you through all the phases till manufacturing support. Our hardware design capabilities include digital design, power supply design, low power design, and small form factor design. System hardware architects here can accomplish production-ready high speed circuit boards from the very requirements specification. We take care of mechanical and industrial design as well as domestic and offshore contract manufacturing.