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Electro-mechanical Safety Switch

Electromechanical locking devices are the proven solution for applications that require a high and reliable locking force and do not place high demands on the performance level or protection against manipulation…

Magnetic Safety Switch

A magnetic safety locking device is the efficient solution for applications that require process protection in addition to the safety function. The safety locking device provides very high reliability for door monitoring and uses a strong electromagnet to ensure that the protective door is closed and the production process runs smoothly…

Transponder Safety Switch

Locking devices with transponder monitoring combine a high and reliable locking force with the high reliability of the transponder technology – this means performance level e and maximum protection against manipulation…

Non-contact safety switches – intelligent solutions, low-wear and low-maintenance

Linking of protective devices via safe series connection

Flexible series connection with Flexi Loop

Flexi Loop is a flexible solution for safe series connection with up to 32 safety sensor thanks to individual monitoring up to performance level e. 

  • Connecting both safety switches and safety sensors with OSSD outputs in series minimizes the amount of wiring and the number of inputs at the safety controller, thus reducing costs.
  • Easy retrofitting of existing machines
  • Simple calculation of the performance level saves time since the Flexi Loop node monitors each sensor individually
  • Quick and easy configuration saves time
  • Ability to be used over long distances increases application flexibility
  • Detailed diagnostic information – who switched and why? minimizes system downtime
  • Seamless system integration and communication with
  • Detailed status information on Flexi Loop components, diagnostic accessories, and safety controller enable quick and easy field diagnostics