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ERL as a Supplier:

ERL operating as channel partner for leading international brand SICK of following industrial automation needs.

  1. Sensors (Photo electric, Proximity and Laser)
  2. Safety devices (Emergency stop, Light curtains, Perimeter, Buzzer Alarm)
  3. Flow, Pressure, Temperature , Humidity, Measurement devices
  4. Lighting and Indications (Tower lamp, Work area Lights)
  5. Display devices (Counting display, timing, LCD, LEDs)
  6. Vision System (Camera, Bar code scanning, image scanning)
  7. WiFi integration (Wireless communication)
  8. Encoders (incremental, absolute type for position and speed measurement)
  9. Limit switches (Door Switch, solenoid coil, valve, etc)
Saftey Light Curtains
Proximity sensors
Photo Electric